Industrial Automation

From a simple assembly fixture through to a fully automated robotic production system; design or turn-key solution; Design Energy can help you transform your production process.


Design Energy brings a wealth of experience in the development and supply of automation systems and a clear understanding of the reasons for automation - be it to increase productivity or quality or to simply reduce cost. Our process knowledge, adaptability and logical thinking enable us to provide our services to an extensive range of industries and businesses to great effect. We have expertise in robotic production systems, conveying, materials handling, machine tending, robotic welding, jigs and fixtures, drive systems and assembly mechanisms – all the disciplines required to enable us to produce a complete solution in-house.


Our approach to automation is to identify the fundamental value add component of the process in question and as far as possible remove functions, mechanisms or equipment identified as redundant or non value adding. Thus simplified, the resulting solution is cost effective, robust, reliable; straightforward to maintain and will often exceed performance criteria due simply because less is happening during the production cycle.


Involvement in many different industries and working all areas of production, product development and integration keeps the Design Energy team informed of new technologies and processes; and maintains a strong network of service providers complementary to our business. Our knowledge of solutions is frequently transferable from one industry to another. This cross pollination allows us to bring fresh ideas to the table which have the advantage of already being proven and de-risked in another industry.


We understand that there must be a financially viable payback on the total cost of process automation, whether the return on investment is realised by increased throughput, reduced waste or reduced labour content. With this in mind, the solutions we offer are always designed to be fit for purpose; to only include the features necessary to efficiently meet our customer’s needs.

Design or Turn-key

Whether you are looking for experienced engineering resource or a customised turn-key production system, we are keen to hear from you. Design Energy provides professional engineering services to businesses from 1 to over 300 employees and the resources and supporting provider network to handle design-build projects of almost any size.