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5 advantages of an automated business

Automation is all around us, and is simply understood as having technology perform actions so that humans are no longer required to do so. Drivers see automation every day – traffic lights no longer rely on an operator to decide when to change lights from red to amber to green.

On the flipside, when this automation is no longer available and traffic lights fail to work, the effort that is required to replicate the actions demand significant human input and stress. 

Successful automation aims provide the highest output with least amount of company spending.

Offering the manufacturing industry more than a helping hand

Automated processes in the manufacturing industry are achieved by integrating industrial machinery into the workforce. These machines are programmed to automatically perform repetitive and arduous tasks such as material handling, welding, packing, cutting and more. Within a business, automation of hardware and software increases company productivity, profitability and worker safety.  

To illustrate the effect of this, imagine replacing all your email communications with handwritten letters. The time spent writing, emailing and waiting for a response are all losses to your overall company and worker productivity. With email in place, however, all you have to worry about is the technology working correctly.

Automation helps manufacturing companies to streamline production.

Automation on a larger scale brings many advantages when incorporated properly, including:

Improved quality and reliability – Automation is synonymous with precision in repetition – products are manufactured to the same specifications every time.

Reduced production cost – The initial setup of automated machinery and robotics is quickly earned back through reduced production costs. Streamlined manufacturing schedules and cost attract and maintain customers.  Successful automation aims to provide the highest output with the least amount of company spending.

More control of wastage – Robotics offer incredible levels of accuracy. This reduces the amount of raw material that is wasted unnecessarily and offers greater control over inventory spending.

Decreased manufacturing time – A lean manufacturing line is vital for seeing gains in efficiency.  Robots can work longer and faster – they don’t need to take breaks or holidays – and can, therefore, increase the production rate of your business.

Greater floor space – An optimised work area with an automated production line utilises the most of your floor space and provides room for other operations. Providing automation in a few key areas of your company can increase profit within the same location.

Design Energy are New Zealand’s leading robotic automation specialists. For more information about our work and products, reach out to our team today. 

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