New Zealand's Leading Robotic Automation Specialists


The Story:
Design Energy started as one guy (Mike) working out of his office at home, providing outstanding engineering solutions to New Zealand manufacturers.
As it turns out this proved popular, meaning in a short time there was more demand for Mike’s time than there were hours in the day.
So the team grew.....

Designing and building robotic production systems is an attractive proposition for engineers. So Mike was able to hand pick engineers capable of producing the same levels of outstanding work that Design Energy had become known for. Mike didn’t always get the right person and engineers who struggled with the extremely high expectations came and went, till what was left was a team of extremely talented and highly motivated engineers.

Word of this team got around and Design Energy was approached by two of the world’s top robotic companies to represent their brands in New Zealand. The team took up this challenge and trained with Nachi and Universal Robots technical staff to become experts in the specification and integration of their robots.

The Result:
Design Energy are industry leaders in the three key areas of industrial automation, which enables us to provide you with:
Access to Technology
As distributors for Nachi Robotics and Universal Robots (two of the top robotics companies in the world) we are constantly bringing the latest in 6-axis robotic technology to New Zealand.
Robot Integration
The integration of the robot is just as important as the robot itself. A properly integrated robot enables an automated system to operate at the extreme levels of reliability required for highly efficient production.
Process Engineering
Our extensive background in designing / building / commissioning production equipment means that we are able to help our customers analyse exactly what they need to satisfy current and future requirements. As a result, our solutions are typically smarter and more cost effective than anything available “off the shelf”.
Matt Dixon – Production Manager
A W Fraser Ltd
A meticulous attention to every detail has enabled us to bring together two major development projects which have transformed our manufacturing capabilities out of recognition.