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Our Process




Contact us and discuss the process you are looking to automate
We can quickly let you know if our products and services are a good fit for what you're looking to achieve

We have great relationships with a wide variety of suppliers, so if we can't help, we can put you onto someone who can
At the end of the initial discussion it's often possible for us to provide you with a “ball-park” estimate of the cost to automate your process
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This involves us getting an in depth understanding of you product, process and the speed of your production
We will be asking a lot of questions and a site visit may be required
Ensuring that we cover every aspect of the process you're looking to automate will require some work from your end to gather information
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Now we know what it is you need, we can carry out high level design of the automated system.
This enables us to provide you with a fixed price and lead time on a turnkey system

 From initial contact to a fixed price proposal for a turnkey system takes
1 - 2 Weeks



Once the proposal has been finalised and accepted, we design and build your system
We carry out testing of the completed system prior to delivery, to minimise interruption to your production
Finally, we deliver the system to your site and carry out commissioning
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The design, build, installation and commissioning of a turnkey automation system typically takes
16 - 24 Weeks



Over the first month or two we closely monitor the efficiency of the system to ensure your process is achieving the high levels of reliability we expect

We can help to train operators and programmers, as this is a key part of achieving the highest efficiency from your system

To ensure the productivity of your system we recommend an annual service; we can set up an appropriate service plan to take care of this
 With regular maintenance from our factory trained Engineers, your investment should see you reaping the benefits of automation for at least 10 - 15 Years