Our Story

We’ve designed and built more than 100 unique robotic solutions for Kiwi businesses

The Design Energy Story

We’ve given them a competitive edge that significantly improves their bottom line.

A little over a decade ago we were a consulting firm focused on a complete product-to-market technology development service. It meant we were able to provide new product design, production engineering and industrial automation through the use of robotics, mechanics and mechatronics. Over time, we found our sweet spot in this space: using industrial robots to solve complex production automation problems.

Today, our focus is on everything robotic. We’ve installed more robots into complex automation solutions than any other provider. So, where robots make sense, we’re the people to speak to.

Our expertise has established Design Energy as thought leaders in industrial robotics, and we continue to involve ourselves heavily in research and development. We also provide professional services and advice to Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand universities and the National Science Robotics Spearhead.

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