We've built automation systems for many businesses across New Zealand, here's what they have to say...

Design Energy's support in the implementation of robotics in our new plant was excellent. They supplied a system that was plug and play for our engineers, and worked with us to develop our in-house robot capability. Providing ongoing service and support as needed, they are a great team to work with.
We commenced our partnership with Design Energy three years ago in the early stages of our product design. The partnership through design, testing and evaluation enabled us to tailor our product for successful automated production. Design Energy subsequently have designed and built our robotic production line that is now being commissioned and is producing in-spec goods. Mike and his team have consistently been supportive, constructive and enabling in their approach to problem solving throughout our project. The output is exciting!
Integrating automation solutions to older equipment is simply not easy. Design Energy provided a Universal Robot and integrated it seamlessly between two legacy semi-automated systems. This has resulted in a fully automated manufacturing process, removing low-value labour and increasing our output of quality product. The beauty of Design Energy is they worked directly with our teams to troubleshoot and upskill them, so we now manage the cobot and all its programming requirements in house.
We are quite early on in our Industry 4.0 journey and Mike and the team at Design Energy have been incredibly accommodating and proactive in their approach to helping us learn. They delve deep into our business requirements and teach us about automated solutions that are perfectly suited to our needs. We really appreciate how they are helping us to figure out each step.
We have found Design Energy to be innovative, very knowledgeable, responsive, accurate and a pleasure to work with.
Design Energy has continually impressed us with their ability to deliver new innovative ideas and take our project to levels we could not have achieved without them.
Craig Douglas
Douglas Webber Group

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