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Automating – It’s Best To Eat The Elephant Piece By Piece

Deciding you want to introduce more automation into your operation can be a bit daunting and can feel a bit like eating an elephant.

As we all know when you eat an elephant it’s best done piece by piece.

Based on experience working with a wide range of manufacturing companies (and having consumed a few elephants!) we suggest the best place to start is with an overall plan for where you think automation can make the difference you are looking for.

Typically companies are looking for improvements in productivity, reduced reliance on an increasingly unavailable labour force, improved health  & safety outcomes, a reduction in costs and increasing competitiveness locally and internationally.

The next step is to do the numbers to test the plan against the desired outcomes. As part of this its critically important to look at the design of your products with regard to their suitability for automation.

Most products are not designed with automation in mind.  It’s often surprising how small subtle changes in product design can make a large difference to being able to automate their manufacture.

Now it’s time to take the first a bite of the elephant by choosing the first project and doing it well. This way those involved will develop the confidence and skills to take the next bite.

If you want a hand from a group of very experienced automation engineers who have helped a large number of manufacturing companies eat their elephant contact us at

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