Our great team enjoys solving complex engineering problems in a practical way


We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, trained in the full range of skill sets that enable us to create smart automation solutions.

  • Process engineering: All machines are defined by characteristics such as TAKT time, availability and allowable labour. We do the maths up-front with a suite of analysis tools that ensures the processes we select for automation can actually deliver to specification.

  • Mechanical design engineering: In every automated system there is always the need for some custom design. Our extensive experience is augmented by a library of thousands of our own designs, which means our custom solutions are delivered quicker, with less risk.

  • Robotics: A 6-axis industrial robot can be made to complete almost any combination of unconstrained motions. Our deployment of the latest technology robots and cobots has taught us exactly what we can do, and what we cannot do.

  • Project and supply chain management: Our engineers are responsible for the entire technical delivery. They use formal documented processes in all areas to ensure our projects are well managed.

Is there a process not keeping up, varying quality or repetitive strain injuries? We’d love to help solve your problems.