Research and Development

Looking for robotics R&D, custom automation development or help developing your products for automated processing?

Research and Development

Many of our solutions have an R&D component, or some technical stretch in the science, process or automation technology, or require some knowledge gaps to be filled. For example, reconfiguring a customer’s fabricated product construction to make robotic welding practical.  

At Design Energy the same people that use the robots undertake the R&D. This brings together a compelling combination of theory and practical expertise from many thousands of hours of building machines.

We have access to excellent STEM R&D and subject matter experts. This allows us to fill technology gaps and produce better solutions. We also work closely with Callaghan Innovation.

Intellectual property (IP) is an important consideration when solving tricky and difficult problems. We are well versed in the patents process – from freedom to operate (FTO) through to patent issue, in New Zealand and abroad.

We are always interested in new markets for our skills and solutions. Joint ventures, R&D projects, and robotic product developments.