Robots and Cobots

We live and breathe robots

Robots and Cobots

We’ve designed and built more complex robotic automation solutions than any other provider in New Zealand.

From inception, we have focused on industrial robotics for manufacturing. Every system we build uses robot technology at its heart, because today’s robots are a perfect fit for automating New Zealand’s manufacturing processes.

We offer two robot types:                                                                     

  • Nachi high-speed industrial robots
  • Universal Robots collaborative robots (cobots)

Our go-to high-speed industrial robots are from Nachi of Japan. Nachi is one of the world’s top performing robot brands with typical Japanese performance, quality and value. We installed our first Nachi system in 2007 – they’re the robot of choice for many of New Zealand’s largest producers.

Cobots are designed to operate collaboratively and safely alongside human workers. Universal Robots in Denmark are the inventor and world’s leading manufacturer of cobots, with 40,000 cobots installed and 50% global market share (Jan 2020). Design Energy is the longest standing Universal Robots integrator outside of Europe.

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