Case Studies

We've designed and built automation systems for businesses all over New Zealand - here are some of our success stories

Automated packing for Barker's of Geraldine


Barker’s rapidly expanding product range and volumes were outstripping the capability and capacity of their packing system.


Design Energy designed and built a compact automation system, using two of the world’s fastest lightweight industrial robots from Nachi (MZ07).

The system provides the flexibility to pack products ranging in size from 250 ml jars to 2 litre PET bottles. New products and carton sizes are quickly and cost effectively added with minimal interruption to production.

Capable of packing at a rate of up to 4,200 units/hour, this system is ideally suited for small and large producers.

Betacom - automated assembly system


Betacom needed a way to assemble a critical part of their Photon LED light modules, automatically and precisely, with no human handling of the delicate lenses.


Design Energy developed a system that uses a Universal Robots UR10 with an automated screwdriver and custom vacuum gripper to pick and place PCBs and lenses and fasten them to an aluminium backing plate.

This enabled Betacom to guarantee the delivery of a high functioning product where the LEDs and delicate lenses have not been touched by human hands, ensuring minimum contamination.

This also allowed them to then offer an industry first 10-year warranty.

Prattley Industries - welding system


Prattley had welding consistency and quality issues with their stockyard products.


Using a 6-axis Nachi welding robot and a Fronius power source, Design Energy built a system that welds 70 joints on products made up of aluminium extrusion as thin as 2 mm.

The result is consistent export quality stockyard products and a reduction in the need for hard to acquire highly skilled welding resources.

SRS NZ - wooden pallet making machine


SRS needed to increase capacity to meet demand and to reduce the level of health and safety issues from staff doing heavy repetitive work.


Design Energy developed a robotic wooden pallet making machine that produces high volumes of quality pallets while at the same time keeps people safe.

The key benefits from using the system have been increased productivity, capacity and quality, a range of pallets sizes can be produced, robots can be operated 24/7 and a reduction in health and safety issues.

Sutton Tools - packing drill bits at speed


Sutton had no way to automate the packaging of the drill bits they produce into industry standard plastic quad tubes.


With assistance from Callaghan Innovation, Design Energy designed an automated system specifically for Sutton’s range of drills and packaging sizes.

Using the world’s fastest lightweight compact robots, the system is capable of packing over 280 drill bit sizes into 4 sizes of quad tubes at 2400 units/hour. The system also laser marks and brands all drill bits.

Talbot Technologies - product handling


Talbot relied heavily on manual handling of products. However, due to the rapid growth of the company, production had to be streamlined.


Design Energy worked with Talbot Technologies to introduce two highly flexible, easily programmable Universal Robots (UR10) to perform in-mould modelling, transfer moulding, and co-moulding tasks.

The results have been impressive. The UR10s enabled Talbot to combine functions that previously occurred off-machine and on-machine and others which happen either prior to or post-production, helping them streamline the process flow.

The solution also delivered a strong ROI for Talbot coupled to the reliability and flexibility required for their complex operations.

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