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Industrial Robot Installations Continue to Grow Strongly

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) the use of industrial robots continues to expand around the globe.

  • There are now 3.9 million industrial robot installations globally
  • The largest concentration is in Asia (66%)
  • The top 5 countries are China, Japan, USA, Korea, Germany.

Despite the economic downturn the use industrial robots is forecast to grow with 600,000 new installations projected in 2024.

The key benefits robots offer NZ businesses is removal of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs that humans should not be doing and making NZ companies more productive and internationally competitive.

At Design Energy – the robotic automation company – we are working with a wide range of kiwi companies to help them do what they do better in many areas including packing, palletising, welding, assembly, manufacturing and wood handling (making wooden pallets and cable drums).

Contact us if you want a hand to become more productive and competitive.

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