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Nothing Beats Building Strong Relationships

One thing that hasn’t changed a jot over the years is you can’t beat the value of having strong long term working As a robotic automation company we work hard to understand how the businesses we work with tick and to build strong long term relationships with them. We do this for 2 reasons – we develop better solutions and its enjoyable to work closely with customers to see them become more productive and successful, through automation. Getting to this point in the B2B world requires consistent effort and a long term view.
A good case in point is we have been working with a company for 2 years on automating the manufacture of a product that requires repetitive, hard physical work. The requirement was to increase productivity to meet increasing demand and to remove health and safety issues. We spent time understanding the process, the business, getting to know the key people and responding quickly to issues that arose when we delivered the first system. We are now building their third system and they have ordered a fourth.
The key messages for us have been there’s no substitute for investing in developing long term relationships and it’s an enjoyable way to work.
If you want to work with a bunch of experienced robotic automation engineers who will make the effort to get to know you and your business and help you to be more productive and successful through automation, give us a call today.

AutoMATE RoboPallet 422 from Design Energy on Vimeo.

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