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Now Is The Hour

The impact of COVID on supply chains, prevailing overall market conditions and the decreasing cost of robots mean now is a very good time to automate.

A look at markets condition shows:

* There is a significant shortage of labour – this is now endemic – Gen Z and Millennials will not do dull, dirty and dangerous work. Would you?

* Demand for manufacturing is at 20 year highs and made in NZ is now compelling proposition

* Government policies are impacting the cost of labour and its availability through changed immigration settings

* COVID and all that comes with it, is here for some considerable time.

Given market conditions are unlikely to change any time soon or at all when it comes to sourcing labour (the government is on record as saying there’s no quick fix), it makes sense to look for ways to increase productivity.

Automation is a train coming down the tracks – better to be on it and be run over by it.

If you want a hand of a some advice from a bunch of very experienced automation engineers who have helped a large number of manufacturing companies be more productive and successful, contact us at

Automated Carton Erecting & Packing from Design Energy on Vimeo.

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