Our Products

Our range of automation systems for New Zealand manufacturers have changed businesses



AutoMATE™ is our platform for supplying high-performing turnkey robotic automation solutions.


Our robotic laboratories deliver superior results with end-to-end process automation.


Our robotic pallet making machines produce higher volumes of quality pallets, keeping your people safe and reducing manufacturing costs.


RoboTruck is a full specification long reach robotic welding solution. Reduce 4 days labour to 40 minutes using an automated chassis preparation system.
Nachi Robotics

Nachi Robots

High-performance industrial robots from Nachi, deliver speed and accuracy with Japanese quality and reliability.
Universal Robots

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is leading the charge as the world’s best producer of cobots.
Robotiq Robot and Cobot Accessoes

Robot Accessories

Great quality robot accessories that we use ourselves, such as Robotiq’s plug & play end of arm tools and vision solutions from Pickit 3D.

Working with OEMs

Become a robot OEM or preferred integrator. Our OEM and integrator partners take advantage of our local experience with all types of robotic automation.
Case Study

Robotic automation streamlined process flow

Using UR cobots enabled Talbot to combine a range of off-machine and on-machine functions to greatly speed up process flow and production.