Nachi Robots

High-performance industrial robots from Nachi, delivering speed and accuracy with Japanese quality and reliability

Nachi Robots

Nachi have a long history in robotics, as they were the first Japanese robot manufacturer (1968). Today Nachi produces thousands of robots every month, offers a range of over 80 models and is a preferred supplier to iconic brands such as Toyota and Samsung.

We have been working with Nachi robots since 2007, and we were appointed Nachi’s sole New Zealand distributor in 2011. We supply and support Nachi robots, working with integrators and OEMs countrywide.  

Nachi’s range of robots offer the following capability:

  • 4 to 7 axes of motion
  • payloads from 1 kg to 1 tonne
  • reach from 300 mm to 3972 mm

Options include offline simulation/programming, servo grippers, cameras, IoT software and custom HMIs.

Specific models are available for welding, cleanrooms, palletising and chemical handling.

Contact us to discuss your application and we’ll select the right Nachi for you