Our robotic laboratories deliver superior results with end-to-end process automation


Ideal for laboratories carrying out higher volume, repetitive industrial and agricultural testing of food, chemicals, and medicines.

Our proprietary laboratory automation algorithms and 6-axis collaborative robots integrate with off-the-shelf labware (eg viscosimeters, centrifuges, liquid dispensers, shakers, and particle counters), to create a fully robotic automation cell.

Superior process consistency and accuracy is delivered by:

  • Using smart closed-system algorithms that track and monitor every step of the process.
  • Linking every element to LIMS/barcode/QR/OCR input.
  • Laser marking and automated labelling – remove process errors, data loss, and sample mix-ups or contamination.

Examples of how this can work include:

  • Exposing chemical A to the atmosphere for precisely X seconds.
  • Prioritising accuracy over speed by selecting positive displacement over air pipettes.
  • Planning paths to minimise spills and cross-contamination.

Contact us about your laboratory automation project - we’ll work out a solution to give you the best result