Robot Accessories

Great quality robot accessories that we use ourselves

Robotiq, Robots Accessories


Robotiq make fantastic plug & play end of arm tools designed for use with Universal Robots cobots. They can also be used with other robot brands.

Robotiq’s tools are quick and easy to install and program. They reduce engineering and programming time, enabling faster setup and easy redeployment for production changes.

Tools include:

  • adaptive grippers
  • wrist camera
  • force torque sensor

Applications include:

  • machine loading/unloading
  • assembly
  • pick & place
  • quality control testing
  • palletising

Robotiq also offers application-specific kits for sanding, external tool or surface finishing, and CNC machine tending.

Pickit 3D

Pickit is a smart plug & play vision solution that guides your robot to pick & place a wide range of items in different applications. It’s quick to setup, flexible and easily adapted to different products.

Their system has full 3D orientation, collision avoidance and smart motions to empty bins and reduce downtime.

Applications include:

  • bin picking
  • machine loading
  • pick & place
  • kitting & assembly
  • palletising

Pickit products contain a 3D camera and easy to use 3D picking software.

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