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The benefits of working with Design Energy

We at Design Energy are New Zealand’s leading robotic automation specialists, but that’s not all we offer. Our process covers a number of key areas, to ensure that we can deliver the automation solution you need and continue to watch your business succeed. This encompasses everything from discovery and analysis of your business to delivery of a custom automation system and ongoing support through its lifecycle. 

Why we supply more than just a robot

Our team can design, specify, install and commission the complete system, so you have one point of contact throughout the entire automation process. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call to get the process underway. We’d be happy to discuss the process you are wishing to automate.

We work with our clients from discovery to delivery and beyond.

Our experience across a number of industries allows us to quickly decide on the products and services that will suit your needs and operations the best. Furthermore, we want to help, so if there’s a product we’re unable to supply that we know would suit your business better, we can put you in touch with the people who can.

The world-class robotics we can supply

  • Universal Robots

Universal Robots of Denmark are leaders in collaborative industrial robots.

Their flexible and user-friendly industrial robots have revolutionised the way we can apply 6-axis robots to your manufacturing process. To learn more about our Universal robots offering, browse our detailed product page.

  • Nachi Robotics

Nachi Robotics produces a wide range of robots with industry-leading speed, reliability, and accuracy at competitive prices. If you’d like to discover the world’s fastest, lightweight industrial robots, take a look at the full range of Nachi robots.

It typically takes 16 – 24 weeks for a turnkey automation system to be completed, from the design stage to installation.

We offer fixed-price proposals for turnkey automation systems

We’ve worked with a range of manufacturers and producers to custom design industrial automation systems. Attaining an in-depth understanding of your process and products enables us to deliver the most effective automation solution.

We aren’t shy about asking questions, and may even require a visit to your production site to gain a full overview of your operation. Depending on the systems you have in place, we can work in a number of ways. Where the system is unique and unlikely to be repeated, a priced discovery phase looks at feasibility and potential paybacks as well as the concept for the system we will offer.

In some situations, we can then offer a fixed price, time and materials or a stage-by-stage estimated price. This, again, depends on the complexity of the machine, the likelihood we can reproduce the machine for another customer – some of our clients wish to retain individual design rights – and a number of other factors. 

Offering support well beyond the delivery stage

After we’ve designed and built your customised robotics solution, we conduct our own testing of the automation system before delivery. This allows us to identify any potential issues in the product and minimise any disruption to your operation. Once we’ve delivered your robotics solution and commissioned it, we want you to be able to use it straight away – and see the difference that a Design Energy system can make.

Despite putting your commissioned system through vigorous in-house testing at Design Energy headquarters, we’ll spend the first couple of months closely monitoring the performance of your new automation system. We at Design Energy want to ensure that the product we’ve worked on is delivering both the levels of reliability we pride ourselves on and the efficiency improvements that our clients require. 

We provide ongoing support for your industrial robotics solution.

We are also specialists in the unique solutions often required by SMEs and companies whose production models don’t fit the mold. SMEs make up a large group of our client base, as our robotics deliver the flexibility they require while robots are becoming easy to use and competitively priced.

Our extensive experience allows us to train both operators and programmers within your production line, offering you the highest level of efficiency in your processes. Our factory-trained engineers are available all year round to provide maintenance when needed. With the inclusion of annual maintenance service, you’ll be enjoying the benefits offered by our world-class robotics automation service for well over a decade. 

Where our clients wish to build or already have sufficient in-house capability, we at Design Energy can sell stand-alone robots and provide robotics training, process engineering and servicing as required. This is especially applicable to Universal Robots, which are aimed at having the client confident to do the integration themselves.

If you want to find out for yourself why we’re considered New Zealand’s leading robotic automation specialists, get in touch with our team today. 

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