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Want To Be More Competitive Locally Or Internationally?

There’s a race going on and its who can get and retain the best staff resources in a world where the demand keeps growing and the available resources can’t keep pace.

Part of this dynamic is people no longer want to do menial, boring, repetitive work.

Who can blame them?

There’s another global race going on and that’s getting smart products into highly competitive markets. 

Living at the bottom of the world has led to Kiwi’s having more than their fair share of innovation DNA and being resourceful because we have to be. As Nobel Prize winner Lord Rutherford once said “we had no money so we had to think”.  We have a rich history of making great products and succeeding in global markets. These include Gallaghers, Hamilton Jet, F&P Health to name but a few.

Notwithstanding this, our productivity in the manufacturing sector has not increased at the same rate as other sectors in the NZ economy and global competitors. Some of this can be put down to our lack of scale, but mostly it’s about lack of automation.

The good news about automation and using robotics is the relative cost has come down significantly. It’s now possible and cost effective for SMEs to automate many of their manufacturing processes (packing stacking, assembling, welding, cutting, polishing and deburring) and become internationally competitive.

Want a hand to introduce more automation into your business?

We have a team of automation engineers with 150 years’ experience under their belts who love helping business become more successful through automation 

Design Energy Robotic CNC Tending from Design Energy on Vimeo.

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