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When’s the best time to automate? 

Our robots have had a very busy few weeks  – we’ve been training a group of them to take staring roles in

  • an automated welding machine
  • a system that uses a very big robot to make wooden pallets using 4 nail guns (this is pretty to watch)
  • a twin line high speed ice-cream packing system which erects cartons and packs the ice-cream containers (again pretty to watch).

Its sad to see them depart our factory…. but there’s work to be done and we know they are going to come to work and be productive every day.

If you look at all industry trends like the relative cost of automation is decreasing, the growth of the influence of generative AI, workforce constraints which are going to get worse over time rather than better and pressing health and safety issues from repetitive work and heavy loads, THE TIME TO AUTOMATE is NOW.

If you want to use robotic automation to weld, pack, palletise, press, machine tend, assemble, make wooden pallets, process heavy liquids and do lab sampling, contact us here or give us a call on 027 249 3531.

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