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Why is updating technology so important in the workplace?

It’s safe to say that technology never stays still for long. Take iPhones, for example. Recently this year, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released with this announcement almost automatically making previous versions such as the 4 and 5 obsolete.

While it’s easy for people to simply catch up by purchasing a new phone, if we are referring to technology in a manufacturing business, the decision to ignore or not adopt new systems could put the enterprise well behind the eight ball. Technology is at the cornerstone of innovation and by not following trends in the industry, there is always the risk of failing to meet the expectations of both clients and stakeholders.

So, with this in mind, are New Zealand businesses updating technology at the right rate?

Hunger for robotics and automation

New Zealand businesses are more likely than ever to invest in technology.

According to the Alleasing New Zealand Equipment Demand Index, an increasing number of Kiwi firms are interested in learning and investing more in both robotic processes and automation over the next year. A total of 40 per cent of New Zealand businesses are interested in this technology, while 36.7 per cent of Australian enterprises noted the same.

The index noted that product assembly and service automation were the two most priority areas in sectors such as manufacturing and construction. This was because of reduced labour input and productivity improvements.

Alleasing Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Blizzard explained that the notion of automation is not foreign to New Zealand businesses anymore and the trend is catching on.

“The Index data shows New Zealand firms have a clear appetite for learning more about the next wave of digitisation and automation, and indeed making the decision to invest in it,” he said.

“Although corporate adoption of these technologies is still in its infancy in New Zealand, the Index data is very promising and suggests firms are already thinking of the major cost, productivity and control benefits on offer.”

What will the future bring?

Over the next decade, robotic technology is destined to take the world of manufacturing by storm, based on a Forbes article. In fact, the 2012 post noted those businesses that take advantage of the rapidly changing world of manufacturing will be in the best position to “generate rapid and continuous customer-based innovation.”

For more information about the importance of adopting robotics and automation processes moving forward, get in touch with the team at Design Energy today.

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