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Why robotic production solutions are perfect for SMEs

Despite the fact that large businesses often get the limelight for innovative practices in manufacturing, SMEs are the real lifeblood of the New Zealand economy. According to a 2014 report from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, 97 per cent of enterprises are small businesses – making up around 459,300 across all industries.

At the time, Minister for Economic Development Hon. Steven Joyce explained that SMEs provide entrepreneurial talent as an avenue for innovation and economic independence.

97 per cent of enterprises are small businesses.

“Small businesses contribute to the variety and consumer choice for customers by serving niche rather than mass markets,” he said in the report.

One of the real benefits of SMEs is the opportunity to lead the industry in innovative practices such as robotic production solutions. Read on to find out more about the various reasons how robotics can support your SME.

1 – Flexibility

SMEs are constantly growing and a process that once was important may not be the focus any longer. With robotic solutions, this notion is irrelevant as the robot can be easily packed down, transported and repurposed by your team. This means that whatever production line it is needed on, the transition can be seamless.

2 – Future proof

The world is moving towards a more technological focus and robots are the first step for many SMEs. By training your team on how robotic solutions can help productivity and make smarter decisions within the workforce, your SME can be one step ahead of the competition – essential when working within a niche market.

Ensure you future proof your operations with robotics.

3 – Compact

Of course, SMEs may not have large warehouses for their operations. As such, any solution such as robotics needs to be able to fit physically into the process. Fortunately, both Universal Robots and Nachi robots are both small in size and can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

4 – Reliable

As there are plenty of robotic suppliers across the world, SMEs need to be careful around who they work with. To avoid any issues, Design Energy already has strong relationships with Universal Robots (Denmark) and Nachi (Japan) and is the only supplier of these brands in New Zealand. Durable, strong and reliable, we can attest to the quality of these robotic solutions.

5 – Local knowledge/spares/support

As Design Energy is based in New Zealand, SMEs can trust that local knowledge and support is a short phone call or site visit away. There is no waiting for overseas suppliers to get back to you, we are always available to make repairs and amendments to your robotic solutions – helping ensure you can take full advantage of the technology.

For more information about our various automated production options, get in touch with Mike and the team at Design Energy today.

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