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Why will robots be a top priority in 2017?

As you can tell by looking out your window, the sun is here and summer is on the horizon. It is around this time of year that business starts to wind down as employees and senior management alike start to dream about the beach and the long hot summer.

When everyone returns in January, it’s 2017 – a new year and a time to think about where your respective company is heading in the coming 12 months. 2017 will no doubt be another competitive and tough year so it’s a great time to look into new investment opportunities such as robotics.

So, why will robotics be important in the new year? Here are a couple of good reasons.

Keeping up with Europe

Europe is heavily investing in robotics.

Despite the fact that New Zealand is an isolated country in terms of geography, we are constantly competing against major international businesses, particularly from Europe. And what are they doing in Europe? Investing in robotics.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, Europe experienced a 25 per cent rise in automation during 2015, with similar growth expected to come the end of 2016. Analysing specific country data between 2010 and 2015, two European countries stood out from the pack – the Czech Republic (up 40 per cent) and Poland (up 26 per cent).

If you want to retain your market share on the international stage, it will be important to see what the competition is up to and make appropriate changes.

Cost savings

In October. Dun & Bradstreet reported that the average business time to pay a bill in New Zealand is around 34.9 days – a record low for the country. However, 12 per cent of invoices are still being paid outside the prompt period (30 days). As such, enterprises need to make smart decisions about where they can become cost-effective. This is exactly what robotic solutions are designed to achieve.

“Machines, logistics, and production plants are merging into integrated cyber-physical systems. The aim is to use smart factories to work more flexibly, more cost-efficiently and more productively,” President of the International Federation of Robotics Joe Gemma explained in a recent media statement.

By eliminating expensive manual processes and reallocating resources with robotics, New Zealand businesses can become more cost-effective in 2017 – enhancing productivity and reliability at the same time.

Have big plans for 2017? Reach out to the team at Design Energy to get started with automation and robotics.

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